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Honda has released the official press announcement that the production of the last 'authentic' big trail bike has officially been ended.

After almost 26 years one of the longest running models has been deleted from the Honda production line.
Revealed at the Paris Motorcycle Exhibition in 1986, the Honda XL600V Transalp evolved in a reliable, trustful travel companion. The bike had an overhaul in 1991 (rear drumbrakes replaced by disk, new dashboard), 1994 (new fairing), 1997 (Double diskbrakes front), 2000 (model change to XL650V) and 2007 (current model, the XL700V with feul injection)

I've owned 5 Transalps from almost every year (except the 650 and 700) which brought me to every corner of Europe and beyond. Reliable, cheap to run, just a great little bike. Covered in total over 150.000 km on all the Transalps I owned.

After the Africa Twin XRV750 (production stopped: 2002), the Varadero XL1000V (production stopped: 2011) the last of the Mohicans, has been deleted from the Honda program.

There is no news (yet) that we will see a true successor for either the Transalp, Africa Twin or Varadero on short notice.

The current line-up of ‘crossovers’ like the Crossrunner (which is in fact an old VFR800i in disguise) or the Crosstourer (which is in fact a VFR1200F on high heels) can’t bee seen as successor.

Honda calls its new line-up of big trail bikes 'progress'. But I doubt if they will ever become a real classic like the Transalp or Africa Twin have become.

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